R&D Engineer

Date posted:
Company: KOROYD
Location: N/A (N/A), N/A
Job Type: Full-Time


Koroyd is dedicated to engineering a safer tomorrow. Its tireless pursuit of smarter, safer and more sustainable protective solutions underpins its patented and award-winning innovations. From its original, transformative impact absorption technology, to the leading-edge safety solutions under development in its state-of-the-art laboratory, Koroyd offers scientifically researched, rigorously tested and user validated integrations to brand partners, with optional full-scope design and development consultancy. Koroyd is engineered for advanced protection and designed for peace of mind.


We are looking for a highly skilled mechanical engineer with proven experience solving complex engineering challenges, thinking big and starting small to break down a problem into bite sized challenges and milestones. You have an analytical mind and are able ask the right questions, conducting thorough analysis on testing data in order to draw conclusions based on an in-depth understanding.

You should be able to communicate proficiently in spoken and written English, and present complex concepts and data in digestible formats, highlighting clear opportunities and challenges to all key stakeholders.

You have the ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, meeting the schedule, the budget and the deliverables outlined in the Project Brief.

You are curious, ask questions and work diligently to answer them. You align with our purpose and mission and embody our values in everything you do.


Koroyd collaborates with partners in different industries to enhance their product performance and create a superior experience compared to competing products through the integration of Koroyd’s patented materials, systems and solutions or through the development of ground-up product solutions.


As R&D Engineer you will work within a multidisciplinary team of around 10 people (designers, engineers and scientists) as part of the New Product Development (NPD) team based in Monaco. You will maintain a focus on product innovation. Your aim will be to improve different products’ performance and enhance the end user’s experience through a comprehensive understanding of Koroyd’s technologies, their properties, applied performance and engineering considerations.

Acting as a technical consultant to our customers in a wide variety of different markets, you will support, guide or lead our partners to achieve their product goals and maximise their commercial success through comprehensive research studies and new product development processes using a mixture of practical lab-based resources, theoretical calculations, computational FE simulations and in-depth data review and analysis.


  • Work directly with the client’s engineering and product teams to gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities.
  • Work with company Directors and Project Managers to draw up a clear Statement of Work (SoW) or Product Development Agreement (PDA) with a clearly defined project approach and expected engineering deliverables.


  • Develop and maintain a thorough understanding of Koroyd material characteristics and ensure our knowledge base has no gaps.
  • Become an authority on the impact testing of personal protective equipment and the associated standards.
  • Leverage insights across multiple categories bringing deep expertise in user requirements and test protocols – connect the dots.
  • Develop detailed Designs of Experiments (DoE), test rigorously and strive for measurable performance advantages.
  • Go beyond the norms to pioneer protective solutions that continually advance the industry benchmark and define new standards in excellence.
  • Analyse test results and use this data to inform the design process in order to optimise the performance for a competitive advantage, fine-tuning product performance and establishing key marketing claims.


  • Act as a technical consultant to Koroyd’s partners. Support, guide or lead our customers to achieve their product goals and maximise their commercial success.
  • In collaboration with the wider NPD team, support the development of well considered and well engineered product solutions which maximise performance.
  • Use various CAD packages to integrate Koroyd technologies inside customers’ products for validation testing.
  • Coordinate with both Koroyd’s internal resources and external production partners to execute well considered product developments, tackling design & manufacturing challenges and conducting testing and validation prior to sign-off for production.
  • Overcome the technical challenges presented by customers. If the challenges cannot be met, analyse, define and present the reasons why internally


  • Set a transparent, approachable and collaborative team environment with our partners’ engineering and product development teams.
  • Present complex concepts and data in digestible formats, highlighting clear opportunities and challenges to our clients.
  • Meet key product performance and engineering objectives, on time and within budget.
  • Be proactive and exceed customer expectations, always.


  • Generate true, lasting value in innovation. Engineer extraordinary protective solutions through a novel and inventive approach. Continually ask questions.
  • Improve product performance and enhance the end user’s experience.
  • Grow the company’s knowledge and competencies to define us as experts in the field of energy absorption.
  • Review, understand and dissect new technologies in order to determine the key inventive steps and consider creative solutions and opportunities to expand our IP portfolio.
  • Maintain a thorough and up-to-date awareness of competitor products and their associated IP.
  • Identify commercially critical innovations to protect and work on IP development to secure Koroyd’s long-term success.
  • Liaise with the NPD team to support patent applications and gather relevant data to support infringement proceedings.


  • INTELLIGENT – Research-led and committed to rigour, we leverage cross-category insights and seek the smartest solutions, never just what’s “new” or “cool.” We are insightful and inventive, never stereotypical or status-quo.
  • CONSIDERED – Conscientious and thoughtful, we respect our brand partner’s position and experience, consider every detail, and engage with focus. – We are informative and inspiring, but never condescending or complex.
  • DRIVEN – Passionate and committed, we relentlessly strive to improve, exceed expectations, and imagine beyond possible. – We are confident in our IP and bold in our stance, but never boastful or arrogant.
  • APPROACHABLE – Dynamic, and open-minded, we embrace new ideas, welcome feedback and explore different ways of working, and are always honest and direct. We are warm, inviting and conversational, but never overly casual or slap-stick.
  • RESPONSIVE – Attentive and proactive, we help our partners solve for today’s challenges and anticipate what’s next. We’re always attuned to our partner’s needs, agile in our process, and reactive when necessary; but never impulsive, or reckless.