Industrial Design Engineer

Date posted:
Company: KOROYD
Location: N/A (N/A), N/A
Job Type: Full-Time


Koroyd is dedicated to engineering a safer tomorrow. Its tireless pursuit of smarter, safer and more sustainable protective solutions underpins its patented and award-winning innovations. From its original, transformative impact absorption technology, to the leading-edge safety solutions under development in its state-of-the-art laboratory, Koroyd offers scientifically researched, rigorously tested and user validated integrations to brand partners, with optional full-scope design and development consultancy. Koroyd is engineered for advanced protection and designed for peace of mind.


Koroyd is a dedicated and dynamic team with a truly global operation. Our HQ is based in the Principality of Monaco on the Mediterranean Sea nestled between the south of France and Italy. From here we manage research and development, sales, finance and operations. Additionally we have teams across the UK, North America and China. We operate across 5 major business units; Sports, Motorsport, Industrial Safety, Family and Defence and serve customers from the US to South Korea.

With insight across multiple categories, we bring cutting-edge R&D facilities and deep expertise in user requirements and test protocols to every partner engagement in order to engineer extraordinary protective solutions and protect what matters most. We believe when standards advance, life improves. From sending it down the tallest mountain, to driving home from the hospital with your newborn, and all the moments in between.


We are seeking a talented and passionate Industrial Design Engineer with superb technical abilities to work within Koroyd’s award winning product team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers to offer Koroyd brand partners a full suite of product design and development services.

You have an outstanding product portfolio and solid history of creating persuasive and impactful design solutions that come from at least 5 years of experience in design engineering bringing successful products to market.

You have the ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, meeting the schedule, the budget and the deliverables outlined in the project brief.

You should be able to communicate proficiently in spoken and written English. You have excellent listening, communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills and have the ability to think strategically and present ideas persuasively through easy to follow sketches, CAD models, mock-ups and prototypes. You promote a collaborative and inspiring team working environment.

You are proficient in parametric CAD software such as PTC Creo or Solidworks. You iterate quickly and prove out your ideas strategically and logically.

You are a problem solver. You are curious, ask questions and work diligently to answer them. You align with our purpose and mission and embody our values in everything you do.


Koroyd collaborates with partners in different industries to offer ground-up product solutions which integrate Koroyd’s suite of patented technologies. As Industrial Design Engineer you will work within a multidisciplinary team of around 10 people (designers, engineers and scientists) as part of the New Product Development (NPD) team based in Monaco.


You will focus on the technical design, development and engineering of helmets and personal protective equipment across Koroyd’s different business units. You will manage multiple projects from brief through to production hand-over, meeting the technical product performance and engineering objectives.

You will design and develop well considered, best-in-class product solutions that maximise performance and extend our lead as product innovators within the body protection industry.


  • Work directly with the client’s engineering and product teams to gain a deep understanding of the project’s challenges and opportunities, transforming their vision into a workable project brief.
  • Work with company Directors and Project Managers to draw up a clear Statement of Work (SoW) or Product Development Agreement (PDA) with a clearly defined project approach and expected engineering deliverables.
  • Build an in-depth understanding of the market/end-consumer and the partner brand’s DNA.


  • Work closely with R&D, conducting research and gathering data to develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges.
  • Analyse test results and use this data to inform the design process in order to optimise the performance for a competitive advantage.


  • Draw on the skills and experience of the wider engineering team, distilling that into the final product deliverables.
  • Take a multi-disciplinary, hands-on approach to the products you are creating.
  • Embrace innovation, push boundaries and question the status quo whilst staying focused on the project objectives and keeping grounded about the delivery.
  • Drive innovation on every project detail to ensure that Koroyd equipped products are consistently the best-in-class.
  • Sweat the details.


  • Present complex concepts in digestible and persuasive ways.
  • Work with the branding and marketing teams to connect the product performance with clear messaging.


  • Produce technical engineering drawings and technical packs for handover to production.
  • Strive to achieve ‘product lock-down’, working closely with the Quality team to finalise the product specification and define necessary QA and QC procedures.


  • INTELLIGENT – Research-led and committed to rigour, we leverage cross-category insights and seek the smartest solutions, never just what’s “new” or “cool.” We are insightful and inventive, never stereotypical or status-quo.
  • CONSIDERED – Conscientious and thoughtful, we respect our brand partner’s position and experience, consider every detail, and engage with focus. – We are informative and inspiring, but never condescending or complex.
  • DRIVEN – Passionate and committed, we relentlessly strive to improve, exceed expectations, and imagine beyond possible. – We are confident in our IP and bold in our stance, but never boastful or arrogant.
  • APPROACHABLE – Dynamic, and open-minded, we embrace new ideas, welcome feedback and explore different ways of working, and are always honest and direct. We are warm, inviting and conversational, but never overly casual or slap-stick.
  • RESPONSIVE – Attentive and proactive, we help our partners solve for today’s challenges and anticipate what’s next. We’re always attuned to our partner’s needs, agile in our process, and reactive when necessary; but never impulsive, or reckless.