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Company: HEAD
Location: London (England), N/A
Job Type: Full-Time

The HEAD Sports Creative Studio based in London, is looking for energetic, entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary people to join us in achieving our vision of cutting-edge performance at all levels.

We are currently looking for a dynamic Digital Media Creative Strategist who will be responsible for leveraging all HEAD Sports digital media activities and initiatives from a strategic and creative marketing point of view.

The Digital Media Creative Strategist will be a digital marketing expert who is able to creatively conceive and direct social media programs and through the line campaigns. A creative thinker who can develop concepts to enhance our digital footprint and devise digital strategies to drive traffic to our website and e-Commerce platforms.

Additionally, the Digital Media Creative Strategist should be well versed in the sports industry and bring a wealth of knowledge on how to promote and market our high-performance and premium sports brand (hard and soft goods, including sportswear) in the digital space.

Primary Responsibilities

Work closely with the HEAD marketing departments, HEAD Creative Studio and our own Ecom Unit to:

  • Develop and implement a digital and social media content strategy to ensure a consistent, exciting and engaging digital footprint as well as devising a system for improving real-time reactions.
  • Manage and oversee digital and social media strategy once implemented.
  • Develop and manage highly engaging digital marketing campaigns together with our divisions as well as for the HEAD group brand.
  • Devise innovative and progressive strategies to drive the brand forward.
  • Drive the creative development of strategic sound ideas and concepts and knows how to sell them into our stakeholders, including the ability to drive and tell a creative story.
  • Develop quarterly editorial plans per division and for the HEAD group as well as ensure, manage and supervise implementation of editorial plans.
  • Utilise a range of techniques, including paid search, SEO and PPC.
  • Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing in working very closely with our divisions and their marketing teams.

Requirements of the Role

  • At least 5+ years of experience in a similar digital strategy and/or creative marketing role.
  • Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, trends, strategy and best practice.
  • Excellent knowledge of user and customer journeys, as well as their behaviours.
  • A passion for all things creative and digital and a keen researcher of all the latest digital and social media trends.
  • Good knowledge of brand strategy.
  • Experience in e-Commerce, performance marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media.
  • Experience managing PPC, SEO and Affiliate programs.
  • Must be an avid sportsperson and actively practice tennis, padel (other racquet sports) and skiing.


  • Preferably bilingual (English and German) in writing and speech.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • At least five years (or more) experience in the industry.
  • Understanding of the creative process and know-how to get to the best creative solution.
  • Well versed in digital strategy (not just Social Media) and has a great understanding on how to leverage these channels for all target groups.
  • Also has a great understanding of the Metaverse and on how to leverage it for our brand.
  • Ability to develop a solid and highly engaging content strategy, promotion strategy and engagement strategy.
  • Proficient in content marketing theory and application as well as experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing.
  • Know-how and experience in analysing data/interpreting data sets to formulate a strategy and make it work for our campaigns and the brand.
  • Great understanding of what are good communications initiatives and highly skilled in developing highly creative, innovative and progressive initiatives.
  • Exceptionally organised and efficient and can manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • Possesses knowledge and experience in the tenets of traditional marketing.
  • Exhibits the ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to the analytical side and is able to demonstrate why his/her ideas are analytically sound.
  • Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of all current and emerging digital platforms and their respective participants and audiences (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Metaverse, etc.) and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios to drive traffic to our website (and generate sales).
  • Team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide other employees when necessary (e.g. content development, creation and editing of content, and online reputation management).
  • Makes evident good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly.
  • Great people skills and knows how to bring people on board for extraordinary ideas.
  • Highly skilled in presenting to stakeholders and peers.
  • Hands-on and active in helping colleagues and marketing teams to achieve our common KPI’s and goals.


International travel will be required, particularly to our offices in Austria. Drivers license for Europe.


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