Lead Store Advisor

Date posted:
Company: On
Location: Shanghai (Shanghai), N/A
Job Type: Full-Time

At a Glance:

This is your opportunity to become a core part of On’s Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) team and commence the journey to bring On’s Xintiandi Shanghai Retail Store alive.

As one of the first hires of the Xintiandi Shanghai store team, On will rely on you to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every customer while embodying On’s core values and passion for movement. Our Xintiandi store is the hallmark of the On brand and we are/At On we are always finding unique ways to deliver a premium product and innovative customer experience with cutting-edge technology. 




Your Team:

As you might expect from a young consumer brand, the DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) team at On is a fast-paced place to be. Together with your store team and leadership as well as the global DTC Retail team, you will help to revolutionize conventional retail business and deliver the WOW to our customers on a daily basis.  


Your Mission:

  • Continuously embrace and communicate On’s values and brand philosophy in team and customer interactions
  • Supervise and mentor a team of up to 8 Store Advisors by demonstrating an exceptional customer focused approach within daily work
  • Provide exceptional customer service by responding to customer inquiries and creating solutions by listening to their needs and improving engagement with our product
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of product technical information and follow On’s global activities and projects (e.g. sustainability efforts, Athlete stories)
  • Contribute feedback to store leadership to continuously improve store processes, customer engagement and team happiness 
  • Help maintain the visual standards in the store to deliver a premium experience 
  • Assist with inventory management and inbound / outbound product orders 
  • Other duties as needed

  • 在团队和顾客互动中,不断接受和传达On昂跑的价值观和品牌理念
  • 在日常工作中采用以顾客为中心的卓越方法,监督和指导由多达8位门店导购组成的团队
  • 提供卓越的顾客服务,解答顾客的询问,并倾听顾客的需求,提高对我们产品的参与度,以创建解决方案
  • 持续深入地了解产品技术信息,并关注On昂跑的全球活动和项目(如可持续发展、运动员故事)
  • 为门店领导层提供反馈意见,以不断改善门店流程、顾客参与度和团队幸福感 
  • 协助维护店内的视觉标准,以提供优质的客户体验 
  • 协助库存管理和入库/出库产品订单处理
  • 根据需要承担其他职责

Your Story:

  • 3+ year of experience within a retail work environment; +1 year in supervisory role
  • A background in the Running, Fashion or Sports Industry is preferred but not a must
  • Strong communication, hospitality and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to take initiative, learn quickly, and work both independently and as part of a team
  • Eye for maintaining outstanding store condition and visual merchandising standards
  • Ability to run regularly and attend marathon/half marathon events is a strong plus but not a core requirement 

Physical demands: This position involves constant moving, talking, hearing, reaching, grabbing, climbing stairs, and standing for consecutive hours. May occasionally involve stooping, kneeling, and crouching.

  • 3年以上零售工作经验;1年以上监督工作经验
  • 有跑步、时尚或体育行业背景者优先,但非必须
  • 具有较强的沟通、接待和人际交往能力
  • 能够主动出击,快速学习,既能独立担当,又能参与团队协作
  • 有能力维持出色的门店条件和视觉营销标准

    • 具有熟练的英语阅读、书写和口语表达能力者优先,但非核心要求

  • 身体要求:该职位要求员工不断移动、交谈、倾听、伸手、抓取、攀爬楼梯和持久站立。偶尔需要弯腰、跪下和蹲下

What we offer:

We offer a dynamic, challenging and sportive environment that has been ranked as the ‘fastest growing sports company’ of its time. With offices across the globe, we are an international team who is hungry to innovate and build something incredible. We foster an active environment where each individual thrives for excellence and can achieve their full potential. This is where your work matters, you’re hands-on and your team members are amongst the very best in their respective disciplines and fields. 

If you are driven to bring On to the next level, curious about the opportunity and want to be part of our growing team send us your application, and join the ONiverse!




On is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to creating a work environment that is fair and inclusive, where all decisions related to recruitment, advancement, and retention are free of discrimination.