Strategic Planning Lead

Date posted:
Company: On
Location: Berlin (BE), N/A
Job Type: Full-Time

At a Glance:

Strategists at On use superior analytical skills and strategic thinking to address complex business, design, and storytelling needs. The job of a Strategic Planning Lead is also shaped by other people and of course the nature of the problems we are solving at any one time. If our creative team isn’t ‘getting it’ or the work isn’t happening, we need to adapt. You will need only half your intellect but all of your emotional intelligence to be great at this role. We are currently looking for one Strategic Planning Lead with at least 7-10 years experience.

The position sits within our global team, which is based in Switzerland. However, the role may be performed from Zürich, Berlin, Portland, or London.

On’s methodology emphasizes hands-on skills across all departments. For the Strategic Planning Lead, this means being able to develop a deep understanding of the business, generate insights, and translate those into a plan of action. We are looking for individuals ready to quickly ramp-up on new industries and business models, define goals, competition and target audiences, and deliver valuable recommendations that have the power to transform the brand. Upfront skills such as an ability to conduct user research are welcome, but we prefer people comfortable with defining strategy for the full life cycle of a digital product or campaign, from vision and conception to launch and optimization. Demonstrated ability to develop strong relationships and build trust with empowered decision-makers is essential.

Your Team:

Teams at On are small and highly senior. The Strategic Planning Lead will work alongside company leadership and the top designers and storytellers in the industry, as well as with category-defining products. We’re a lean creative department with a growing list of global projects to rival any agency, so the briefs and opportunities come thick and fast. At our core, we tell compelling stories about the experiences our brand makes possible. We live to reflect and channel the energy, passion and global nature of the company into our daily work. 

Your Mission:

  • Make us more relevant: In order to ensure we understand people’s relationship with our brand, the category and what’s going on in people’s lives, you have developed a firm grasp of various research methods. You’re confident in supporting the development of research alongside vendors as well as conducting smaller, “down and dirty” ad hoc research like in person interviews or creating simple surveys. You’re always on the lookout and surfacing research trends and topics that could be useful to the wider team.
  • Make us more commercial: You understand our business. How we are positioned, the competitive landscape and how the category is evolving. You understand how to read and interpret business data and can have bigger picture discussions that bring together evolving business needs with what’s going on in the real world, with real people. You lead the collection of and synthesizing of business related info from various sources in order to keep the team abreast of what’s going on.
  • Make us more effective: You understand how the work works. You help identify the right KPIs for a project and assist in discussions around how we’ll measure success. You are responsible for monitoring applicable brand trackers and collecting other data points and bringing them together in one place as a summary with key takeaways for the broader team.

Your Story:

  • You are creative: Strategy is a means to more creative work. You should be working to define clear, interesting problems for creativity to solve. Problems that are big enough to lead to thinking that goes beyond advertising to creative solutions that can shape the way the business behaves or is even defined. As well as sparring with more senior planners and your creatives, you’ll be expected to bring your own strong, provocative POVs of view to the table – and you’ll be able to refine these with input from the team. Your creative remit extends to your relationship with the comms planner and understanding/incorporating how media can shape the brief and the ideas.
  • You are supportive: You have a responsibility in creating a supportive, non-judgemental and collaborative strategic and creative culture. You understand the value of strong opinions, loosely held. Debates are passionate and fruitful but never personal (keep it about the work). You’re interested in the briefs your peers are working on and are always ready to offer help or a sounding board.
  • You encourage diverse thinking: you bring yourself to the job and with it, your unique interests and ways of looking at things. You help to carve out space for different voices to be heard rather than trying to be the smartest person in the room.

What we offer:

We offer a dynamic, challenging and sportive environment that has been ranked as the ‘fastest growing sports company’ of its time. With offices across the globe, we are an international team who is hungry to innovate and build something incredible. We foster an active environment where each individual thrives for excellence and can achieve their full potential. This is where your work matters, you’re hands-on and your team members are amongst the very best in their respective disciplines and fields. 

If you are driven to bring On to the next level, curious about the opportunity and want to be part of our growing team send us your application, and join the ONiverse!



On is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to creating a work environment that is fair and inclusive, where all decisions related to recruitment, advancement, and retention are free of discrimination.