Store Leader

Date posted:
Company: On
Location: Beijing (Beijing), N/A
Job Type: Full-Time

At a Glance:

We are excited to offer the position of Store Leader to an entrepreneurial member of our growing China team. On is the fasted running brand globally. Our success is based on the exclusive collaboration with the best sports stores and a premium service concept. On wants to inspire runners all over China. As a Swiss company On acts faster, is more customized, and more creative than conventional brands.

Your Team:

As you might expect from a sports brand with running at its core, the China team at On is a fast-paced place to be. You’ll be part of the China Retail team and co-working with a group of highly motivated individuals. The shared goal? Efficient growth at high speed- what else?

This role is based in Beijing, China.

Your Mission:

  • 持续提供给顾客与众不同的品牌文化及品牌精神
  • 接待顾客的咨询,了解顾客的需求并达成销售
  • 负责做好货品销售记录、盘点、账目核对等工作,按规定完成各项销售统计工作
  • 完成商品的来货验收、上架陈列摆放、补货、退货、防损等日常营业工作
  • 对零售产业有好奇心,并且具有消费市场敏感度
  • 能够规划店铺的销售数字,通过将目标拆分成不同的KPI,并能持续地提出具有洞见力的想法和解决方案
  • 熟悉并了解店铺排班,能很好的根据店铺综合工时制给每一位伙伴包括店长自己排出合理的班表,不但符合167小时的出勤时间,也能根据店铺高峰、低峰时段合理安排人手
  • 热心于组织店铺层面的活动,不论是发自店铺还是来自公司跨部门的支持,店长/副店长需要有相关的经验和能力来统筹安排
  • 为店铺落实资源、寻求合作,持续地与外部供应商、外部合作方的沟通必不可少
  • 招募、面试、招聘符合公司文化的员工,确保没有人员危机
  • 总是能够提前预判和进行货品查询,在到货前合理安排店铺空间存货
  • 在拥有VM指引文件的情况下,频繁地更新店铺陈列面,并找到最好的方法
  • 每月和员工进行一对一的聊天,观察和评估员工状态
  • 其他交边事项,如及时收发邮件,做账,做工资,做报销单,做付款申请单,处理入离职等行政工作
  • Continuously embody and communicate On’s values and brand philosophy to customers
  • Act as the in-store troubleshooting expert for On’s store systems
  • Provide exceptional service to each and every customer
  • Create an inclusive experience by treating all customers with respect
  • Maintain awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understand forthcoming customer initiatives, and monitor what local competitors are doing
  • Plan store forecasts and break down in to different KPIs, and constantly provide insightful ideas/solutions to solve specific problems
  • Know how to arrange staff working shifts based on comprehensive working hour system under China Labor Law and provide monthly working Rota for each staff including the store leader/assistant store leader him/herself with 100% attendance rate
  • Passionately organize store activities either initiated by the store or from the support of cross-functional teams.
  • Locate resources to store and communicate with external partners/vendors for potential collaboration opportunities
  • Recruit, interview, hire and train good staff proactively to avoid manpower shortage
  • Replenish, look in advance for delivery and prepare space for new arrivals
  • Update store VM under guidance as much as possible to test best practice
  • Set up one-on-ones with staff to evaluate performance and carry out solutions
  • Other duties as needed

Your Story:

  • 中专及以上学历,3-5年零售门店店长职位相关工作经验尤佳
  • 具有积极进取及团队合作精神
  • 创业家思维,以目标为导向,发现问题,解决问题
  • 在以往工作中有过人表现
  • 具备基本英文沟通能力
  • 可周末或节假日上班,不以工时长短为结果的评判标准
  • 理解并能按照品牌文化精神来指导个人工作和生活
  • High School Diploma and above; the combination of experience and education will be considered
  • An entrepreneurial spirit who expects the unexpected and takes calculated risks to deliver results
  • A collaborative team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • An out-of-the-box thinker and resourceful problem-solver when faced with challenges
  • Strong performer in previous roles
  • Ability to read, write and speak English fluently
  • Ability to work weekends, evenings and holidays as needed
  • Comprehend On Spirit and behavior to guide one’s life & work

What we offer:

We offer a dynamic, challenging and sportive environment that has been ranked as the ‘fastest growing sports company’ of its time. With offices across the globe, we are an international team who is hungry to innovate and build something incredible. We foster an active environment where each individual thrives for excellence and can achieve their full potential. This is where your work matters, you’re hands-on and your team members are amongst the very best in their respective disciplines and fields. 

If you are driven to bring On to the next level, curious about the opportunity and want to be part of our growing team send us your application, and join the ONiverse!



On is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to creating a work environment that is fair and inclusive, where all decisions related to recruitment, advancement, and retention are free of discrimination.